Deborah Kobza

Deborah Kobza30+ years of business, technology, and workforce development leadership, management and consulting expertise in economic development, establishment of public/private partnerships, applied R&D, quality assurance, IV&V, and implementation of leading practice principles to meet national critical infrastructure protection and enterprise organizational strategic goals and objectives.

National cybersecurity leadership serving the nation’s critical infrastructure.

National Healthcare & Public Health Critical Infrastructure Resilience – Serve on the National Critical Infrastructure Advisory Council (CIPAC); US Dept. of Homeland Security Cyber Unified Coordinating Group, the National Council of ISACs, and the US HHS Health Sector Coordinating Council – SCC (SCC member, SCC Executive Committee).

The National Health Information Sharing & Analysis Center (NH-ISAC, Inc.). For the nation’s health sector, leading nationwide implementation of health sector and cross-sector cybersecurity situational awareness intelligence, two-way information sharing, and coordinated incident response. Advancing health sector cybersecurity protection and the ability to prepare for and respond to threats and vulnerabilities.

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) – Supporting development of the NIST National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) – National Cybersecurity Education Framework; and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. – Working with the private sector to support adoption.

US Department of Homeland Security – Supporting development and implementation of the US DHS IT Security Essential Body of Knowledge (EBK). Led nationwide development of a State Government IT Security Workforce Development Framework for US DHS – leveraging the US DHS IT Security EBK as a foundational baseline.

Establishment of a global platform (public/private partnership) for cybersecurity research and education.