Hudson Harris

NormanHudson Harris is the Chief Privacy Officer and Associate General Counsel for Adapt of America and sister companies. Currently, his efforts are focused on the implementation of health information exchanges in crisis settings and the integration of hospitals, emergency providers, and the criminal justice system. He focuses on risk management, compliance, and privacy/security practice creation, management, and consulting. He holds a BA in International Affairs, a Masters of International Business, M.B.A., J.D. and is a licensed attorney in California.

Prior to Adapt of America, Hudson’s background offers a diverse array of experience including network administration; director of public relations at a nonprofit; business consulting; and an attorney for nonprofit corporations. He has a proven track record of taking disparate parties and reconciling them into a cohesive force for change. Hudson is an avid writer and Contributor to Tripwire, State of Security; writes various articles on the intersection of business, technology, and security centric issues at; and past works include Tax Free Trade Zones of the World.