HPE Security- Data Security

Building Blocks of a Sound Healthcare Security Program

Data security is one of the hottest tech topics of 2015. Cyber criminals continue their malicious ways with sensitive consumer data and businesses continue to become more and more dependent on using sensitive data. Healthcare organizations have a plethora of data often housed on legacy systems and applications. These systems are often left unprotected which makes them prime targets for theft. It’s more important than ever to understand how to keep sensitive data safe and secure within corporate systems, and as it flows beyond the enterprise digital boundaries.
Join us to discuss how healthcare entities can….
Establish comprehensive safeguards that secure data across its lifecycle, wherever it is created, stored, or used
Minimize administrative complexity and disruption by neutralizing recoding of applications (including legacy applications) and disrupting existing business processes
Maintain access to data in order to maintain high patient care, while neutralizing data wanted by cyber criminals
Share healthcare information securely with a widespread number of medical institutions, partners and even patients
Enable medical and healthcare analytics on protected (de-identified data) by securing it prior to Hadoop and Big Data ingestion